About John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant

John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant is a successful Tax Law and Accounting Professional based out of the Pittsburgh, PA area. Over the years, he has been able to distinguish himself as an industry leader, honing his skills in a variety of locations.

Throughout his career, John has been recognized for his leadership and skills. He was appointed to the PBC, a prestigious honor and responsibility for any lawyer and accountant. John Bowman also was appointed to the Presidential Business Commission of the United States Congress in the early 2000’s. Furthermore, for multiple years, John J. Bowman Jr. was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as leading tax consultant, accountant and lawyer in the nation.

At Bowman & Associates, John J. Bowman, Jr. lends his experience and expertise to an amazing legal tax team. They’ve stood out from the crowd in several ways; their unique approach has helped them become one of the most respected firms nationwide. Bowman & Associates develops high quality/high price positions without sacrificing any of the quality. They have finely tailored their target and niche markets, and have a great grasp of projected target, niche, and ancillary markets. Most importantly, they have worked to remove the tax concept of horizontal equity. From Joint Committee Congressional cases to Worthless Limited Partnership cases  to Criminal Restitution, to Gas & Oil cases  and Race Horses Bowman & Associates has successfully defended clients in a number of tax disciplines. And that’s not even accounting for the Criminal Cases where successful defenses have involved Search Warrants, Grand Jury Proceedings and RDAP Early Release from prison situations.

A graduate of Robert Morris University, John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant earned his undergraduate degree in accounting with a focus on tax law.On campus, he was active in the Young Lawyers Organization. John J. Bowman Jr. later when onto attend Harvard Business/Law school within the specialized Owner/Management Program. Mr. Bowman received a unique education from Harvard by focusing on corporate growth, law, leadership skills, and financial success. Mr. Bowman was able to build the network he needed in order to grow professionally and distinguish himself in the corporate world.

John devotes a significant amount of his time to philanthropy. The region of Forest County, Pennsylvania is supported by the J. Bowman Proper Charitable Trust. Established in 1991, some of the many recipients of the foundation’s support include Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania, the creation of the Forest Warren greenhouse at the Children’s Home of Bradford, the Gettysburg outing for the Forest Area School District, leadership development for Pennsylvania State University, the Pennsylvania Firefly Festival, Keystone’s Smile Agriculture Day in the Bridge Builder’s Community. His organization has supported Tionesta ambulance services, and the installation of fire-resistant file cabinets in Hickory Township. 

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