John J. Bowman Jr Accountant, John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With colder weather on the way, it’s imperative for homeowners to ensure their homes are in tip-top shape before the worst of winter hits. Here are some of the top 3 winter home maintenance tips.

1. Clean Up Your Foliage

The number one issues with having trees or shrubbery growing on a property are their potential for damage during harsh weather or if they become weighed down by things like snow. To mitigate the damage to a home or property, it’s a good idea to trim back the dead or overgrown trees and shrubs. Making these things more manageable will clean up the area around a home that could pose a danger.

Additionally, cleaning up the fallen leaves or branches from a home’s gutters or downspouts is equally as essential as trimming the source of the cloggers.

2. Check Your Home for Weatherproofing

Performing a routine check on a home’s roof or windows could end up saving a homeowner some of the cost of keeping a house warm. Whether a homeowner employs the help of a roofing company to do an inspection or they climb up a ladder to do it themselves, checking a home’s roof for broken or missing shingles could mean the difference between a frozen puddle in the kitchen and a warm household.

In addition to the roof, checking or re-sealing the windows will assist in keeping the cold out and the heat in once those frozen winter months settle in.

3. Pumps & Pipes

Testing and unclogging a sump pump if a home has one could prevent a flooding disaster before it happens. Every homeowner with a sump pump would be wise to check it before the frozen months set in.

Additionally, freeze-proofing pipes could mean the difference between burst pipes and warm running water during the coldest weather. Whether a homeowner treats this by running a trickle of water overnight or installing insulation around the pipes is largely subjective but highly recommended.

Keeping a Home Safe

Winter is coming, and with it, homeowners need to gear up to maintain their homes and ensure the safety of everything inside. Some of the best winter home maintenance tips are everyday things that make a big difference.


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